Monday, December 02, 2013


         I thought I would show you my Christmas Wreath.

      I had it on my front door last year. but have decided to display it in my kitchen this year.
      It goes perfectly with my new wallpaper.

I love the colours. Ice cream colours. Most of my farmhouse is decorated or styled with these colours.

I'm not sure what to put on my front door for Christmas yet. Still deciding. Any ideas? Would love to hear from you.


  1. I have been making Rag wreaths. I did a Christmas fair two weeks ago in Plymouth and sold 6. So easy to make. Choose a colour scheme and rustle one up for your cottage. Beautiful. X

  2. Your wreath is beautiful! I love the colors too. I don't hang anything on my front door, for a silly reason. I have double front doors and I would want to hang the same thing on both doors so I've never done it! I always put my Christmas wreath on the gate at the top of the front walk. I think a pretty wreath always looks nice, if you like having one on the door. Have a good week. :)

  3. Wendy that sounds like a great idea. Thank you.

  4. Jennifer thank you. This year my decorations are all those colours. I have adapted my door wreath. It stays on my front door all year. I will show you in a post when I take pics. Double front doors sounds great, but I can see the problem. A wreath on a gate is just as perfect , a lovely welcome for your visitors.