Saturday, December 07, 2013


How is everyone getting on with their festive decorations.
Do you love it or hate it?

I'm one of the many who love it. I can,t wait to start decorating the house and making it as festive as possible. Each year it is always slightly different. And as the children are now grown up 25 and 16 years I am trying to keep the decorations more grown up as well. So this year out are the snowmen, Santa's etc, and in are lots of baubles, candles and holly.

We are so lucky. We get our Christmas tree each year from our local nursery which is within walking distance. They always look small in the field. But when ours was measured it was seven and a half feet tall. And you pay by the foot. Our farmhouse has low ceilings  and small doorways so it was fingers crossed it would go in. We somehow always manage it.

          Hubby got the job of carrying it up the drive and into the house.

                        Too BIG for the doorway!

                                         Finally got it into the lounge.

We always put it in the same corner in between our two sofas.  Can you spot me in the mirror!

                 In it's stand and with the fairy lights on. Lucky they were all working.

Our beautiful white angel. We used to have all red and green decs, but have now changed to multi coloured. So our red angel had to go. But she went to a good home on E Bay.

As the tree was over 7 feet. We had to cut some of the top to get the angel on top. Even so she is nearly touching the ceiling.

Now time for the baubles. The best bit. I was really good last year and packed them away in large plastic boxes. So they were all safe and sound.

                     Even in the box they look so pretty.

        These are my special glass baubles. They are so delicate.

                                         Tree all perfectly dressed

                 More Christmas posts coming soon.


  1. Your tree looks beautiful, I love Christmas too! Xxxx

  2. Beautiful. My OH is going away with work for two days. He will get a surprise when he gets home to find the house decorated. Yay! Love Christmas. X