Sunday, December 29, 2013


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I caught my children,s cold. So was really ill over the festive days .But as a mum you just have to carry on.
We had a lovely couple of hours Christmas Day opening presents and eating lots of sweets for breakfast, then I somehow managed to cook the dinner and clear up before taking to the sofa with my tissues and Lemsip not a pretty sight......

Today the sun was shining for a short time and I after a quick pop to the shops for milk etc I spent some time with our horses, who are appreciating lots of hay and treats at the moment.  Their paddocks are really muddy with not much grass for grazing at the moment.So even Christmas Day I had to go visit them (I sang Happy Christmas to them! Mad I know but I am a soft touch) and gave them extra carrots and apples.

I have taken a few pics over the hols and will show you these in later posts. but for now I will show you some of my finds before Xmas.

                   I have been looking for Vintage Baubles for a long time.

                               But I think so is everyone else.

                                  I still have not come across any.

But I found these four in a local charity shop. I don't think they are Vintage !  In fact I know they are not.
Just in the style off. But I thought they were pretty enough to come home with us.

                                          At only 40p

                                 I will keep hunting for the real Vintage ones.

                                       But in Cornwall they are rare.

                            Have you found any?  Would love to hear.


  1. Sorry. To hear you were feeling poorly over Christmas. Hope you are well on the mend now. No vintage baubles here! Xxx

  2. Thank you Lyn. On the mend now.