Monday, December 16, 2013


Hope all your Christmas plans are going smoothly. I have done most of the Christmas present shopping now. Just the last  bit of food shopping to get then I can relax. Daughter home from Uni now which is really nice. House fills so full of life now.Just husband to come home and the family will be complete.

Afraid my pictures will not be very good at the moment as my little camera has decided to give up.
So I'm trying to use my phone for now, so I can continue to do some posts. So please bear with me.

Last week I meet up with a friend and her daughter to go see the Christmas trees in the church at Tavistock.  I have never been before and was surprised how beautiful it was. Approx 100 trees , I did not count...decorated by various local businesses and schools.

Do you want to see-

There was a group playing and singing festive tunes. And plenty of coffee, tea and cakes PERFECT.

Have any of you been ? Or do you know of another church that does this sort of thing.

Would love to hear. I love to receive your comments. 

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