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                HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

                HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

We got Kermit from a rescue center in Ascot He was found as a stray in Wales.
They thought he was approx 1 year but had no details. So we gave Kermit the 1st December as his Birthday...

We did not expect to get a dog that day as we were told the rescue center were really fussy and would probably do home checks. We arrived late because we got losted but they still allowed us to come in.
They asked us what dog we were looking for. We told them we last had a King Charles Cavalier.(My Beloved first dog which had gone up to the rainbows). And we were now looking for a slightly bigger family dog.

We were not allowed to go round and choose a dog. But they said they had 3 suitable dogs for us.
Then they brought Kermit out. It was love at first sight.  For those of you of a certain age with children, will know the children's programme with Aunt Mabel who lived in the countryside and had her own aeroplane and her faithful dog Pippin who went on adventures with her. I watched this with my children all the time. And when we were looking for a dog they asked if we could find one like Pippin. Kermit was exactly like Pippin so it was meant to be.

The top two pictures was when we first got him and we lived in London.

The bottom two are at our house in Cornwall and quite recent.

We nearly lost Kermit . He had major problems with his spine and discs and was in a great deal of pain. He did not eat and went down hill very quickly. We do not insure our dogs as we have 5.
So we discussed with the vet the options. First one was to say goodbye to our best friend. The second was to have a scan and a major operation .We had the scan which was in Exeter a couple of hours away and spoke to the vets who thought he had a good chance of surviving the operation.,But would need a lot of love and care afterwards. So we went ahead. We had to raid all our resources to pay for it. But we love him so much so it was worth it. Kermit spent a good week at he vets after the operation before he came home. Then we had to nurse him back to health. He now has bolts in his spine and we can not take him for walks anymore because he cannot wear a harness or put a lead on his collar because of his back. But he has a large garden to run about on and a field on the back of our house to explore with the other dogs. He seems really happy and is out of pain now.
We know at his age anything can happen, but hopefully we have given him a few more years to enjoy life with us and us with him.

Here's to many more years of good health.


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