Friday, November 22, 2013


Hi everyone. Hope you are all keeping warm. It,s so cold in Cornwall, that this morning I had ice on my car. And when your trying to do the school run and your late it's not fun.

I have nearly finished all my Christmas present shopping and most of them are wrapped and ready for delivery.. It's such a nice feeling to finish early before all the shops get really busy. That way I can just concentrate on the food  and all the nice little bits. Have any of you finished, do you do your shopping early like me?

Anyway I thought I would share with you some Christmas decorating I have started.

I have put up my little pink tree in my kitchen. Here it is.

                 I brought it from Tesco's . It only cost £5.00

                                             Bare waiting to be dressed

                        Fully dressed including my tiny sweet angel.

             I have even put a set of battery lights on and lots of baubles.

               The pink goes really well with the wallpaper.

       The tree fits nicely at the end of my kitchen table and looks really pretty
       What do you think? Would love to hear.

And for those of you that have spotted it. Yes I have changed my kitchen table cloth to blue.


  1. Very cute Rosezeeta! We used to have a silver one which was only slightly bigger than yours when I was a little girl in Manchester. Did you make your little angel?

  2. No afraid not. I brought it quite a while ago. So I can't even remember where I brought it.
    I love it because it looks so homemade. My daughter has the same tree in white and when she comes home from Uni, she will put hers up in her bedroom.

  3. Love it. Start putting the trees up in work on Monday. Got to get the christmas tunes on. X

  4. Oh its gorgeous! My youngest granddaughter has got one the same in her bedroom at our house! Its not properly decorated yet, she just wanted to put it up there!

  5. I adore the sweet angel on top of the tree!

  6. Yes the angel is really sweet. thank you.