Sunday, November 17, 2013


Hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday.
Today we went to our local nursery to pick our Xmas tree. We do this every year.
This year was sad because my daughter is at Uni and is not with us ,hubby away working so it was only the two of us instead of four. Less arguments!

Thought I would share with you all.

                                     Our tree is the dark one in the middle.

                                                    A close up shot

We had to make our way around a lot of trees until we found this one. It now has our name on, so will
carry on growing until nearer December. Then we will carry it home., as we live within walking distance. Which is just perfect.

As you can see new trees growing under the large ones.

A lovely row of Xmas trees. Most of these had labels on so were taken.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing what we did today. Do you go to a nursery to pick your tree ? or do you go to a shop?


  1. Thats a good idea. I thought you were going to say you had brought it home and decorated it ready for Christmas! It would definitely have been needle less by then if you had.

  2. Hi Rosezeeta. I'm afraid our tree is artificial as we put it up so early! Just finished a post about our tree trimming last Sunday night! I do love to stretch out the season. Can
    t wait to see your tree all decorated. Please post photos. Julie

  3. Anne I would love to bring it home now. But yes it would be needles everywhere and a bare tree on Xmas day. I always buy a small tree with roots for the kitchen first. This one I will get soon. Then I plant it at my stables to continue it's life. I have done this for 3 years now. And as the trees are different types each year it looks really nice.

  4. Julie. We used to have a artificial tree when the children were younger and yes it was great to put it up and get into the season early and no mess! But one year when the tree was on it's last legs we brought a real one. From then on we have always had a real one. We love the smell. The needles do get everywhere but we love it. And it's perfect to have a nursery within walking distance ....

  5. What a lovely tree! So fresh....I hate getting real trees at lots when they are nearly dead three days later. They just pick them way to early. Glad you had a fun time.