Tuesday, January 14, 2014


           If you have been reading my Blog you will know that I made
           a tiny Rag Wreath for my new Dolls House.

I have never made a Rag Wreath before.
But after making the tiny one I wanted to make a full size version.

I found a old metal coat hanger.
Bent it into a circle shape.
Then used left over fabric. to cover.

                                 I think it has come out really pretty.
                            I was shocked at how quick and easy it was to make.
                            It looks fab on my pink dresser.

                            I will be making more.

                            Have you tried?

                            What do you use to make the ring?

                            Would love to hear.

                  Have you spotted what fabric I used ?

                  It was the fabric I had left over from my Dolls House curtains.
                  Russian Dolls and Patchwork.

           Give yourself a pat on the back if you noticed this.  


  1. I haven't made a rag wreath before but I did receive a rather lovely one in an autumn swap. Yours looks fab xx

  2. I have made a couple of rag wreaths before and they are lovely and so easy to make too. Love the colours of yours!

  3. well, how adorable is that wreath?? and I LOVE your cabinet. actually, love your whole cottage, haha.
    have a wonderful weekend - looking forward to more blog/cottage news! I am a hopeless Anglophile-lol
    Rae from Tennessee

  4. darling wreath! and i love your cabinet, too!

  5. Hi Rosezeeta, I am a bit behind on my blog reading, but I had to comment and say, I love your wreath! I made a few before Christmas and sold them at a craft fair. I used garden wire from good old Trago. It cost about £3 and there us plenty left to make more for next Christmas.

  6. Thanks for that tip Wendy. I will have to buy some from Trago. Much better than trying to bend a coat hanger.

  7. Hi Rae. Thank you all for your lovely comments. My cabinet was a lot of work to get it the way I wanted but I love it.

  8. Hi,I have been wanting to make a rag wreath,do you tie on the bits of fabric?Yours is so pretty against your lovely dresser.

  9. Hi. sorry for taking so long to answer, have been still trying to sort lap top out. The rag wreath is made out of scrapes of fabric, cut the same width and length. The just tied on until full. Have fun.