Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Lucky Find Of The Day- Vintage Dressing Table.

Hi everyone hope you had a fab time at Christmas. Can't believe the big day has been and gone.
Kitchen cupboards still full of food and drink but now feeling sick of dare I say Chocolate!
I got loads of fantastic presents I was really spoilt this year. I will show you in a later post.
Hope you received lot of lovely pressies....................

Thought I would show you my lucky find of the day- which I brought for myself before Xmas.
With all the preparations going on did not have time to do a post before......

I had a lovely afternoon of last minute Xmas shopping  with my daughter. It was one of those days
when everything seemed to go right. We found a parking space without any trouble, it had stopped
raining rare in Cornwall and we only had a few things to get so were having a relaxed time.  We visited a local indoor market which was also selling antiques that day, so was especially interesting.

And to my daughters horror there was a kidney shaped dressing table for sale! We had talked in the
past about how I loved them, but you rarely see them now. My daughter tends to go for retro
furniture and has a few pieces herself....... We could not find anything wrong with the Vintage
dressing table it even had the original glass top. My daughters response was I'm not carrying it!
I did not know what she meant I hadn't said I was buying it..........

I managed to walk away for approx  two stalls then had to go back .... I paid only £43.00 for it.
You could not buy anything as pretty as that new.. It has already been painted a pale cream and has
new glass handles added.  It has the original rail underneath so I can add a curtain if I want to.
What do you think should I add a curtain ? (My daughter knows me well- And she did not carry it.
The stall holder and I carried it to my car).

As you can see from the pictures it fits perfectly in my bedroom and is in full use already.
I just need to find a pretty chair now. 

                                                        WATCH THIS SPACE.


  1. I would love to read your nice comments. If you have time, its much appreciated. Rosezeeta.

  2. Oh how lovely and what a lucky find! I had one growing up, though mine didn't have as many drawers as yours, just one and then the curtain. I think yours will look nice either way as it is just a beautiful piece. I look forward as I read on in your blog to see what you decided to do.

  3. Lori. The dressing table has not changed at the moment. Maybe if I find the right material I will make a curtain. Until then I like it as it is.