Friday, December 28, 2012

Some of My Lovely Christmas Pressies.

As I have said before I was really spoilt at Christmas. It took all morning for my children to open their presents. I had double wrapped many and put small pressies into large boxes. It just added
to the excitement. The dogs loved their presents but needed a bit of help to unwrap them. We had a very relaxed day. The turkey and veg got put on when we had time. So you guessed it we didn't eat until gone 5p.m. by this time we were all starving. So really enjoyed it.

Anyway I thought I would show you some of my lovely pressies-

                                                 Really cute measuring cups.

                                        They are already on my kitchen shelf.

                                         Above is a lovely set of plant pots and tray from lovely friends.

They were very thoughtful and even supplied seeds. I have planted them today and they are sitting on my kitchen windowsill. Can't wait for the parsley etc to start growing.

This is a beautiful large jug. Great for all sorts of things. It got a lovely floral design. And as you know anything floral is always welcome in my house. A great gift from my family.

This is a vintage hat box. My daughter found this at the antique market we went to and put it
away for me  for Christmas.

                                          I'am going to use it as a memory box.

Hope you have enjoyed looking at a few of my pressies. Will show you more  in a later post.

Would love to hear your comments. What was your Favourite Pressie?


  1. I just love those measuring cups, do you know where I might buy them? Love your polka dotted plant pots, I hope your plants did well in them. I really like your idea for using the hat box for a memory I will be on the look out for something like that. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Lori. Sorry as they were a Xmas present I do not know where they came from. Guessing they could of been Boots or M & S. Good luck finding some. Thank you for your kind comments.

  3. My pleasure..thanks Thank you for answering my question and for sharing your days. ;o)