Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I have been pottering about the house and garden today.
Everyday I look  around and there are so many jobs that need doing.
The list is endless.

Today I picked my first Rhubarb.

And tonight I made the first crumble of the year.

All my oven dishes were in the dishwasher. Does that happen to you?
So I used one of my loaf tins, which did the job nicely.

And what do you have with crumble.
Cornish Ice Cream of course.

I am now sitting on sofa completely full !

What did you do today ?

Have you made any dishes out of your own home grown yet ?

Looking forward to many more treats.


  1. That looks wonderful. I have been at work today then popped to my mum's. I havent got anything much planted up to eat this year Rosezeeta because we had to re organise our garden.

  2. Looks wonderful, we love a good crumble here and my hubby could demolish that huge tub of ice cream in about 3 goes! He loves it!

    We still have apples and pears in the freezer from last autumn maybe I will dig some out at the weekend and make crumble. Xx

  3. It's only this year that I have found the time to plant some veg. And it's still touch and go how much will do well Anne.

  4. I love ice cream too Karen. Enjoy your apple or pear crumble.

  5. Hello from Texas...Your treat looks yummy!

  6. I have been at work all day, since 7am this morning, but off to my parents for roast dinner now ... and maybe a crumble ... you never know!!

  7. I have just found your blog from a link on ChelmarshChunterings, you sound very much a kindred spirit! Your crumble looks delicious, maybe I should treat my other half to crumble, he loves it! - Perhaps tomorrow. Linda xx

  8. It looks lovely, I like ice cream with a crumble.