Friday, May 16, 2014


I have some nice areas for you to sit in my garden.

Especially on a nice day.

I have been changing some of my garden furniture.

I have added a table next to my swing seat.

It is lovely to sit on this when the sun's out.
Because it is in the shade.

        This is my next project.
        I have attached two planks of wood to two spare wooden chairs.

      I am turning them into a bench.

        These flowers were all picked from my garden today.

        So pretty and free.

I will also be painting these white when I have the time.

The metal chair came from our house in France .
Which we no longer have.
But that is another story.


  1. Very pretty indeed. If I lived near to you I would be round in a flash with nice jug of Pimms to share. The flowers look very summery in the dappled light, its nice to have a shaded area to sit and ponder. Xx

  2. oh thank you for leaving a comment on our blog. it gave me the chance to follow you here and become a follower. i have scanned your last few blog posts and am now a seem to have such a joyful approach to life, something that is so missing in the world today and something that i so appreciate. would you like to exchange links? i would be honoured to add you to our blogroll.

    i will be back to read your blog from the beginning. and i will very much enjoy doing so.

    so very nice to meet you!

    kymber from

  3. You have such a lovely space to sit out in. Great idea for your bench.

  4. You really have a beautiful garden...and I will for sure have a seat there!
    Best wishes for a lovely weekend,

  5. good morning! oh, what a beautiful garden you have - I can almost feel the sun on my face! cute idea making a bench out of the two chairs - you clever girl!
    enjoy the sunshine!