Saturday, May 10, 2014


                         Had a really busy week.
                         So not a lot of post's I'm afraid.

Tonight watching Britain's got Talent.
Loved the French boys in heels.They danced better than the Spice Girls. And I loved the shoes.
But loved , loved the two young boys Rapping and Singing about being bullied.
They are through to the live show. Thanks to Simon Cowell. I can see them winning!

Have you got your snacks ready for Eurovision. I'm just waiting for the chickens to go to bed then I'm in my Jim Jams, feet up and ready to enjoy.

So leaving you with some pictures of my garden today. Flowers are starting to come out. These are on my arch.

                              We have a very young apple tree.

              And at last I have a new gate. Thanks to my husbands hard work.
              All recycled wood. So totally free.
              Just need to sort out the the side.

                                 Bailey surveying his land.

                          Need new table and chairs this year
                        .Brought the plastic one when my wooden table broke.
                         As a temporary solution.
                         And have still not replaced it.
                         But will have to put up with this at the moment.
                        Can't find any I like. Am I fussy?  YES!

             Always have to have some bunting, somewhere in the garden.

                        Well bye for now.



  1. I agree. The two young boys on BGT we're great. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. X

  2. I don't like BGT so don't watch it, I agree with you on the garden table, the only one I like is in a reclamation yard so I am trying to persuade my husband to buy it. He prefers a shiny new one & yes a bit of bunting in the garden is a must.

  3. You have a lovely garden! I enjoyed Eurovision too.