Thursday, May 01, 2014


              The sun was shining so I took the opportunity to do my raised beds.

I have planted sweetcorn, lettuce, courgettes, carrots,spinach,coriander and sweet peas.

        Fingers crossed after all that hard work in the greenhouse , they will do well.

                      Bailey was helping me plant some more carrots in this tub.

I still have lots more to plant out. And the tomatoes are now coming up in the greenhouse.
Hopefully we will have lots of produce for the summer and beyond..Saving us lots of pennies.
And the taste is so much better than shop brought.

And this is what I picked! I love free food. Just need to decide pie or crumble.

                                                      What do you think?

                       Are you growing your own this year? Would love to hear.


  1. There is nothing nicer than a stroll down the garden to pick something homegrown for dinner. We will be growing a little in our veg patch and some runner beans in the border near the conservatory. The usual tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers will be in the greenhouse and the apple tree is full of blossom. Your rhubarb looks wonderful, I think my favourite is a crumble with custard....yummy! x

  2. Karen crumble is my husbands favourite.We used to have two apple trees in our garden but one fell down and could not be saved. So we only have a small young tree. But it does give us some fruit and gets better each year.