Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hi everyone.

Lovely and sunny in Cornwall today. Is it sunny where you are?

I was up early with the animals. Spent most of the day tidying the garden.
The driveway was beginning to disappear with all the weeds and grass growing over the gravel.
So I thought I would have a go at clearing this and one job lead to another.
Then the hedges needed cutting, then the grass etc. The list goes on.
So to reward myself for all my hard work I popped to my local garden centre . When I
say local I can see it from my window. And brought myself some pretties for the garden.

I have continued painting more garden furniture . It all looks like new now.

I decided to put the bunnies names on their hutch.

Please excuse the drawing. It's hard to draw upright.

Nice to have more colour in the garden.
I have grown some flowers from seeds but they have not come out yet.

This was such a big job to paint my garden swing.
But I think  it looks so much better.
Can't wait to put my cushions on there and have a nice hot chocolate.



I have put most of my pots together so it is much more easy to water.

I have put some of my home grown flowers in these hanging pots.
but they are only at the green stage.

My little picket fence to keep the dogs off, needs to go white as well.
But I don't know if I have the patience.
And my side gate needs to be painted too.

I have added a smaller side table next to my swing seat, Just big enough for
putting drinks on. I have put two pretties on it

I am really pleased with the end result. But I might buy some more flowers to add more colour.

Charlie is checking out my work.

What did you do today? would love to hear.
Appreciate all your kind comments. Thank you.



  1. Oh how I LOVE your garden Rosezeeta!!! You have been working so hard it sounds like and all your hard work has paid off because this is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I adore your garden swing and it looks lovely in white. Your little sign on the bunny cage made me smile :)
    hugs from here...

  2. I'm surprised you have any garden furniture left to paint, you should be able to give yourself a break now & sit on that lovely swing seat with a cup of tea.

  3. June I nearly did not show you my bunny sign because I thought the drawings were not that good. But never mind Flop and Teddy like them.

  4. Joanne Today I did just that. I put my cushions on the swing with a drink and relaxed in the sun..I have painted a lot but I still have a wooden Arbour to go. But have run out of paint. And living where I do in the countryside you can't just nip down the road.for a tin.

  5. Hi! I love the white painted furniture...It always looks so pretty against the greenery. Thanks for coming by my blog. We have been busy....but it is fun!