Monday, May 05, 2014


What did you do over the Bank Holiday Weekend?

We had good weather in Cornwall for most of the weekend.

Saturday I went with my daughter on the Scarecrow Trail around our village and neighbouring ones.
It was a hot day and we got even hotter after taking approx two hours to find all the Scarecrows.


Anyone can enter a Scarecrow and this year it was Monsters and Aliens.

 You pay a £1 for a map to find them and a get a list of clues which you have to match to the Scarecrows. Then you enter your completed form  into the May Day Fair at the local village hall.To  see who got the most right.  (Well we did not enter our form because we only matched 4 Scarecrows to the clues)...We were totally rubbish!

Do you want to take a walk with us  .........

There was a few more but after two hours of Cornish hills we made our way home for a cold drink.

I think it's so wonderful all the effort that people make. Every Scarecrow  was so good.

What do you think. Does your village/ town do something similar?

The rest of the weekend. I met with a friend and popped to a local boot fair and afterwards to a Brocante.

So a busy time.

What did you do this Holiday?   Would love to hear.

And finely a big welcome to my new followers, I hope you enjoy.


  1. brilliant pics......this looks so much fun ! I will have to show my daughter Mike and Sully !!!

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