Friday, May 02, 2014


Now that Easter has been and gone. I thought the window sills looked empty after I had taken all the eggs down.

So the Gingerbread Men are up in the kitchen window instead.Along. with a new vase of daffs.

               The Gingerbread Men I brought from a charity shop last year.

                          My lounge window has fresh flowers.

                      And a new plant for the other lounge window.

                      So now all the windows look pretty again.

Did you spot the red ribbon on my sink taps?  It's to stop me turning it on. Another thing broken.

                                     Waiting for the plumber!

                                      Who will be my husband.


  1. lovely cheerful windows!
    I have butterfly decals on mine :-)

  2. I love all your window decor! I also love having pretty things and especially flowers in my windows and on the dining table. I'm glad you enjoyed my gorge trip photos!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Your little gingerbreadmen look so cute hanging across the window. Flowers, they are so pretty, I love flowers, Im not so good with houseplants, I think I kill them with kindness and overwatering! Great idea to put a red ribbon on the broken tap.
    Have a lovely weekend x