Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Wow! It was a lovely sunny day today in Cornwall.

So I decided that my garden furniture which I painted.
Approx three years ago .
Needed a makeover.
Do you want to see.

I had originally painted them pinks, blues, greens and yellow.
But I just wanted simple and white this time.



   Have you spotted the before and after chairs are not the same one.

   I painted three today but the pink one will have to wait.
   I ran out of paint!
  That always happens when you want to get on and finish.

  I am now going to revamp all my garden furniture

. I can't believe what a difference a bit of paint makes.

  Also as the sun was shining I put up more bunting. 
  And moved my table and chairs nearer the house.

 I think I will be having my morning Hot Chocolate there.......
 and maybe a biscuit or two.


  1. Yes it does make quite the difference, I love the idea of mixed paint colours for your chairs.

  2. hello Rosezeeta! oh, I love it when you post photos of your house and the outdoors - so pretty! I have some patio furniture to paint, too, but have to get motivated - I think you have motivated me - such cute chairs - can't wait to see the pink one finished.
    please keep posting pics of your darling house and that gorgeous countryside - I can't get enough of Cornwall, LOL
    I was reading another decorating blog and the woman stated that she only buys British magazines because the houses look like real people live in them. that's exactly why I buy them, too! I love how colorful everything is. We seem to be stuck in white and beige here in the states - boring, haha.
    have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Hi Rae. Thank you for your lovely comments. My house is very well lived in with all our animals. It very hard to keep it perfect living in the countryside. But I don't care because we just enjoy it.

  4. Joanne. I did all my chairs last time in various colours. Which I loved for a time. But this year I am being boring and painting them all white. But don't worry they will be made pretty with lots of colourful cushions.

  5. Your newly painted furniture looks lovely and with the pretty cloth on the table it looks ready for afternoon tea, just needs some of your vintage china and of course scones and clotted cream..yummy!

  6. Hi Karen. Yes I can't wait.I love having friends round and really dressing the table for tea.
    Roll on the summer days.

  7. The chairs look fantastic, what a transformation.