Sunday, May 18, 2014


Morning my blogging friends.

It was a really hot sunny day on Saturday in Cornwall.

So what did I do ?

Go to one of the beautiful beaches,       NO!

Go to the many country houses             NO!

Go for a bike ride                                 NO!


Instead I decided in all that heat I would do two boot sales.
So after a early start to feed and sort all our animals.
I loaded my car with everything I could find that we longer needed or was collecting dust.
I was amazed at how much I found.
And headed to the first one.
This is a small local one to me , but I like to support it because the farmer who runs it
gives the entry fees to charity.
There are some nice people in the world.
This one I stayed for a couple of hours. Then I packed up again
and headed for the main boot sale which is a bit further away but still local
to me. This one is large and very well attended.
I stayed there until the end approx 4 ish.
I survived on my morning toast and two bottles of water.
It was so hot at one point with no shade on the field that I
climbed into the back of my Land Rover.
The couple  next to me saw what I did and followed suit.
But all in all I had a good day, met lots of nice chatty people.

Even though I had put sun cream on. I came back with a bright red face
and red arms.

So today I am relaxing.

I am having a hot chocolate and I have treated myself to a packet of jelly babies.
Being a Vegetarian I do not eat jelly sweets . But I have found these at Tesco's
which are for suitable for vegetarians.
Today I am spending the morning catching up with all your lovely posts.

                     Have a lovely Sunday.  x


  1. Weather was lovely today too, sounds like you had a good day!

  2. Can't beat carbooting! Although we are just buyers these days.

  3. Rosezeeta - thank you for stopping by my blog the other day - it is always nice to meet new people from around the world. i have been going through your blog and it is delightful! i am now your newest follower -teehee! i notice that you don't have a blogroll, but i do on our blog, would you like me to add you to it? anwyay, i am glad that your day was successful, if not hot, and i love your house and gardens! i will be back to visit many times.


  4. Hi Kymber. So nice of you to follow me.Glad you like my blog. Would be lovely of you to add me to your blogroll thank you.

  5. L.A. I think next week if the weather is good I will be a buyer. I felt frustrated that I could not leave my table and look around because I went on my own. Anyway I did not spend any money that way. Ha! Ha!

  6. Joanne I have still got a bit of a red face.. I just look hot all the time......Tonight we have had rain and thunder , for ten minutes only.