Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Anyone who reads my blog will know we are a family of animal lovers.

We had two bunnies Flop and Teddie who were brothers.
But sadly one morning I Found Teddie had passed away.
He was only two so was really unexpected and  really sad for us and
of course Flop.

We thought long and hard for a couple of weeks what to do.
Rabbits should never live alone, and can get quite sad and lonely..

We brought Flop a soft toy Bunnie  to cuddle at night and he seemed
to be a bit happier. But then as time went on he just sat and stared.

We could never give him up. He is part of our animal family.

So we brought him a new friend. MOSCOW.
And lucky for us they have become great friends.
Flop is jumping and running about again and is back to his happy self.

                               Flop under ladder (white)
                               Moscow ( Multi browns)

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