Sunday, December 28, 2014


I was as always very lucky to receive lots of thoughtful gifts from family and friends.
for Christmas.

                                             I thought You might like to see a few.

                                                       I love hares so this was perfect.

                                                          A girl always needs perfume.

                                           Such a cute purse. love the colour and squirrel.

                                                 I will start writing in this on the 1st Jan.

                                         Such a pretty jewellery box. Already on my dressing table.

                                                     Such a lovely colour and so soft.

                                         New teddy jimjams . Just perfect. and lovely and warm.

                                          When we get the snow these will be great. I love
                                           that they are only black and white.

                                            Two black cardigans,, so soft and just what I like.

                                              A new dressing gown, What a lovely colour.

        I had two pairs of fluffy socks, this pair and
a matching brown pair of teddy socks. 

                                                                 Can't wait to start baking.

                                                          I will be baking for the dogs too

                                               Looks just like our dog Bailey. Put this by our

                                                 A new camera case for my Instax camera.

                                                   And a photo album to hold the instant prints.

                                                      New bathroom for my dolls house.

                                                    Two Xmas cards for dolls house.

                                                       So sweet. Just right for my dolls house.

                                                      Three dogs for dolls house.

                                            And a beautifull knitting bag. I have wanted one
                                            for ages.

                                                I adore the owls, so colourful

                                         And my early present as you will know was Archie.

          As you can see quite a mixture of things. Everyone knows me so well and has
          been so thoughtful this year. .A big thank you . I loved everything.
          I also got chocolates and money. But I have already eaten the chocs so no pic.

                 I hope everyone got what they wished for.
                 And had a fab time with family and friends.

                Rosezeeta x


  1. You deserve to be spoiled everyday!

  2. Lovely blog and Archie is adorable

  3. Hello Rosezeeta. Thank you so much for your sweet visits to my posts. I love your presents! Ohhhhh, the hare is especially cute. He'll be great in your yard in the spring. Everything is lovely and you are sweet to share them with us by letting us see them. Have a lovely Monday! Susan

  4. Wow! You received so many wonderful and useful gifts, but oh my, that Archie is the sweetest of them all. Happy holidays, Tammy

  5. Thank you Tammy. Yes Archie has made the hols Fab. Hope you are having a great time.

  6. Hi Susan. Thank you for your lovely comments. The hare is tiny so will stay on my table near my dolls house. Hope you are enjoying this hols.

  7. Meredith. Thank you for your lovely comments. So sweet of you.

  8. Just having a nosy through your wonderful and interesting blog,what part of Cornwall do you live.WOW,what a lot of fab presents.I too LOVE hares,I did get a mug this Christmas with a hare on,also my friend is a silversmith,she made me a pair of hare earrings to go with my boxing hares necklace.Archie is sooooo cute.

  9. Hi Lee . Thank you for your lovely comments. I only have a hare picture and now this new hare. Great to have a friend who is a silversmith so lucky.