Wednesday, December 24, 2014


                                As my kitchen is all white. I can put lots
                                of colour in it.

                         This is how I have decorated it for Christmas

                   Bunting down and replaced with pink and silver
                   above the Aga.

                                    A matching star the other end of the kitchen.

                                      My white Christmas tree with tiny white angel on top.

                                       I brought a couple of new glass tree ornaments,
                                       from a local craft fair. One is a cow the other is a sheep.
                                       The craft fair is held in St Dominic's Church
                                       Cornwall. Well worth a visit.

                                    Even though my children are 17 and 25 they still
                                    like to have an advent calendar.

                                     The fairy is on the wall this year, because I have
                                     put a smaller one on instead. Nice to have a change.
                                     But I could not resist a bit of gingham.

                                      More decorations to come.

1 comment:

  1. I have never put decs up in the kitchen but this year a few have wandered in by chance and attached themselves here and there. The tall fridge freezer is looking quite festive, fridge magnets do a good job as a support act.