Saturday, December 27, 2014


Hope you have all had a good Boxing Day.

I had a little lay in. Then have spent the day watching
old films and eating........
Oh and the odd Baileys and a few Chocs.
Now feeling really fat and sick!

Have a house full of food, but do not feel like cooking.
And family just want to pick anyway..
Never mind everything will be back to normal soon.

Has anyone been to the Sales?
I never go because I feel like I am shopped out and can not face .Also because when I shop I want to take my time and enjoy
the experience not spend hours looking on rails of clothes which are never in size order
and turn out to be rubbish anyway....I have not got the patience or time to search for a bargain.
And would rather spend time with my family at home. But I know of friends who just love
to go out and even sometimes come back with some fab stuff.

The last time I went shopping was before Christmas and I popped into a couple of Charity shops.

These are the treasures I brought.

All vintage glassware, a couple of jelly moulds and a butter dish.

This kind of shopping I love............

Enjoy the rest of your Hols.

Remember not too many chocs.

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  1. No big shopping for me after Christmas, I am shopped out.