Sunday, December 21, 2014


 This was before Archie was ill.

                     My friend introduced me to this Christmas tree  Festival
                     last year. It is held in Tavistocks church in Devon.
                     Which is not far from me. Even though I live
                     in Cornwall.
                     It is now a tradition on the calendar for each year.
                     If you look closely I took my new friend Archie
                     With me. He is as good as gold in his bag.
                      And as you can see, the weather was good
                      for December, because all I had on was a cardigan.

                                         Here is my friend Alison with her
                                         daughter Lucy. Who is growing up so
                                         fast. This year the church did a sheet for the
                                         children (or adults) to find objects on
                                         the various trees. We tried but did not
                                         find them all. but lots of fun.

                                          You can have a hot drink and homemade
                                           cake. and there was a very talented lady
                                           singing. Just beautiful.



                                  We finished by voting for our favourite tree.
                                  I had to pick this one, because it had a paper
                                  Chihuahua on.

                                     It looked bigger than Archie

It also had a fantastic cat on the top.
A very clever person made these ......

Untill next year.


  1. Hi Rosezeeta! The trees all lit up are my favorite things! I also loved seeing your louge all decorated for Christmas in your last post--so pretty my dear!
    I wanted to come and say a Merry Christmas to you (my friend far away)
    sending hugs...

  2. Thank you June.I treated myself to some roses today to pretty up my coffee table.I love fresh flowers in the house. I have done all my shopping now. So whatever I have forgotten it does not matter! Looking forward to just being with the family now.
    Have a fab time yourself A very Happy Christmas to you ,really pleased I have you as a friend..... Rosezeeta.