Saturday, December 27, 2014


If you read my posts you will know I have a new puppy Chihuahua called Archie.
He is really tiny  so gets cold very easy, even in my house with the central
heating on and the log burner.
In the evenings he likes to lay on my lap for a cuddle before he goes to sleep.
So my hubby said I should make  Archie a blanket to keep him warm.
So last night while watching t.v. and eating chocs. I made this for him.

I knitted a square first. Then crocheted round the square until it was big enough for
him. Then edged it in white. Put his name in the centre and put a paw print in one of the corners.

You can see in this picture where Archie was shaved on his back, when he was ill
last week.

Archie loves it and it is doing a good job of keeping him warm on my lap.
I hope my other dogs do not get jealous or I will be making 5 more......


  1. Lovely to see Archie so lively after his scare.

  2. A perfect blanket for your new puppy. I make them the same way--knitted square and then crochet around. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. I love your blanket and Archie loves it too.I love dogs and am a dog walker in our village in St.Agnes.I have 2 cats tho x