Tuesday, December 30, 2014


               Archie my puppy Chihuahua is so small. It is quite dangerous just to let him
               run around the house unsupervised.

              And it is impossible and not good for him to just hold him all the time.
              When there is no one to run around after him..

              So after much searching I have found that they make Dog Playpens.

              So this is Archie's New Playpen.

                                              Blue for a boy of course.
                                              It is large enough to put his bed in and all his toys.
                                             And because he is tiny he has lots of room to
                                             run about....

                                              He only goes in here for a short time.
                                              And as soon as he is bored playing he barks a little bark
                                              And there is always someone to cuddle Archie......
                                              No one can resist because he is so cute.

                                            Archie has now had his 2nd injection.
                                            So will be taking his first walk outside on the 1st January.
                                            If no rain or snow. I am really looking forward to taking him out.


  1. Perfect idea for him.

  2. That's quite an idea, much safer for him. I imagine he will love his first trip outdoors!