Thursday, December 18, 2014


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Yesterday was a terrible day.
I am adding this to a post I had already prepared.

Yesterday Archie was so ill. Even the vet did not think he would make it,

I woke up about 7.30 a,m, to find him slumped in his bed. I lifted him
out but he was limp and cold. there was a slight heartbeat but I could not
wake him. I blow in his nose and mouth and rubbed his tiny chest, while
chucking any clothes on, as quickly as possible. I woke my daughter who
took him while I rang for a vet. she continued trying to bring him back.
The vet was there, so I raced him to them..But in my heart  I thought it was too late.
And by the look in the vets face he thought the same.........
They thought he was dehydrated but was not sure why this had happened,
There was nothing I could do but leave him in their hands.
I came home in tears.  Just waiting for a phone call.
Finally the vets rang at 12 p.m.
It had been a miracle Archie was now stable but still very ill.
He was  on oxygen, fluids and glucose.
They would ring me in the afternoon to let us know his progress.
We were so relieved and knew that Archie was fighting.
They managed to get him to eat and drink and said I could take him home
around 6 p.m. When I picked him up he was really sleepy and looked
worst for wear from all their treatment. with shaved legs back and ear.
He is so tiny they had to find a vein in his ear.........
Last night I had no sleep as I had to feed him special food on the
hour. Also because I just wanted to make sure he was o.k.
Today he is sleepy but doing well and getting a bit cheeky again.
The vet has been fantastic and has been ringing checking his o.k
and advising me what next to do. If he continues to be well, he will
be back at the vets on Xmas Eve for his 2nd vaccinations.
We are now enjoying lots of cuddles and are really thankful we still have him....

Archie is only 13 weeks old and still only weighs less than 2 lbs.

The post that follows was before he was ill.

                          Archie is now fully settled at home now.
                          He loves to have a cuddle in the lounge before bedtime.
                          And he now getting a little cheeky.
                          He has taken to all of us and gets really excited when he
                          goes from one person to the other.
                          He is now responding to his name.

                                          Excuse the jimjams. I was relaxing too!

                                    I have been taking Archie with me everywhere.
                                    I have a special dog bag (Which is far too big).
                                    But lets me carry him easy, and keeps him safe and warm
                                    while we are out. He has already been to two coffee
                                    shops, (see him on Daisy's Callington Cornwall Facebook
.                                   This was his first outing.
                                    And around towns and shops. The only trouble is when
                                    people realize what I am carrying, we get stopped for a
.                                   chat.
                                    No one can resist a new puppy.
                                    I have a teacup harness but even that was too big. So I
                                    had to sew it, to make it smaller so I can keep him safe in
                                    the bag.
                                    Not sure how big he will grow, but have read the average
                                    Chihuahua is between 3 and 6 lbs. So he will still be a small
                                    dog. People and noises do not seem to bother him, and he
                                    just the car.
                                    Our next trip is to the woods with all the other
                                    dogs. I will let you know how we get on.


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Archie, I know just how quickly a squirmy little bundle can wriggle in to your heart.

  2. Thank you Pam.
    He has completely made us all full in love with him. But being such a cute bundle
    anyone would if they are dog lovers.

  3. I was so sad to read about little Archie being so ill, you must be very worried about him, i hope he is over the worst and heading for a full recovery. Big hugs and positive vibes are winging there way to you all. Take care xx

  4. Thank you Karen. I am now having to feed him tiny amounts of food every 3 to 4 hours. and he is back on puppy milk to build him up. But he seems to be back to normal.