Wednesday, December 24, 2014


We always pick our Christmas tree from our local nursery.
Which is within walking distance from our home.

We all picked our tree back in October and put our name
on it.
I went with my children to pick it up.
And to our surprise, because it did not look
big in a 9 acre field amongst others.
It turned out to be 7  1/2  feet tall.

So you guessed it. Living in a old house.
It was too tall. So we had to chop the
top off, to be able to put the angel on.

                 It did not make the tree look any worst. Because it was
                 a good shape to start with.

                              It looks really stunning now we have decorated it.
                              I love Christmas!

                   I finished my Christmas shopping a while back.
                   But I am still wrapping.
                   A few bits have started to go under the tree.

                                      Our tree is very grown up now.
                                      Mainly with baubles.

                                        Have you got your tree up?
                                        Do you prefer real or artificial?

                                       We have two more artificial trees up.
                                       I will show you them in another post.

                                      And what happened to the bit we chopped off !

                                       I planted it in a pot and decorated it
                                       of course.
                                       One mini tree in the porch!


  1. Your mini Christmas tree topper is adorable in the bowl with its baubles!
    I grew up with only real trees, but since I was married with children (many decades now), artificial trees work better in our household. I often tuck a few sprigs of evergreen into the artificial trees and garlands for that real tree smell.
    Hope your Christmas was blessed & merry!