Saturday, December 13, 2014



As you will know if you read by blog. We are pet lovers and have collected
quite a few pets of various shapes and sizes since moving to Cornwall
8 years ago.

So you will not be surprised to hear that we have yet another pet added to our
animal family.

This is the last cutie now! Fingers Crossed! The pets outnumber us now.

He is my early Xmas present  from my family.

So I would like to introduce my adorable 



                                     He is a cream long haired Chihuahua.

In these pictures he is only 1 lb 8 ozs, So feels the cold. So I had to whip
up a little jumper to keep him warm. He is only 10 weeks old.

                             As you can see even his dog toy is bigger than him.

His mum was a short haired cream Chihuahua. And his dad was a long haired
red Chihuahua. So I think he will be medium fur which is cream with
a touch of red. And he has a tiny white mark on his head.


                       He sleeps in the plastic pet carrier as he is so tiny.

                       He now weighs 1 lb 12 ozs and has had his first injection.
                       The second is on Xmas Eve. Then he will be allowed to walk
                       outside. Not that I think he will be doing much of that now as
                       Cornwall has turned  so cold.

                      Never had a Chihuahua before, Any tips, advice.?
                      Do you like my new little friend.?
                      love to hear.

                     P.S. My other 5 dogs have met him and are not bothered at all.
                     And Bailey adores him, They are going to be great friends I think.
                     being that they are  youngest dogs.


  1. oh my goodness how adorable! what a lovely time you are going to have together so many adventures to come,such a lovely Christmas present x

  2. oh. Rosezeeta. he. is. breaking. my. heart. poor little baby. but i am so glad that you have him now. and i am glad that the others are ok with him - he will have a lot of doggy support while growing up.

    you might enjoy this story - when i was 9 a friend of the family's picked up a short-haired chihuahua from the SPCA and gave her to me for my 9th birthday. i called her Cindi LaRue or chickenbabe - bahahahah! she was always cold and so my mother put a little crocheted mat inside of our coal oven and left the door down during the day and night. Cindi, chickenbabe would live in the coal oven on the little mat all day during the winter - she hated the snow. so we got her a kitty litter tray for the winter as she would not go outside. one day, a postal man came to the door to deliver something and he looked in horror and said "do you know that there is a rat in you stove". we laughed about it for years.

    i am sure little Archie will provide you for years with funny little stories to tell. thank you for being such a kind angel to provide sanctuary to those souls who need it so much. you are as beautiful as your name is.

    your friend,

  3. Shingle cottage. Thank you. We have already been to quite a few things already.togeather. He is so good and loves meeting new people.

  4. Kymber. I love your story about your Cindi LaRue. Today I put Archie'sbedroom, pet carrier next to the Aga..And he loved it because the other small dogs were sleeping there. Archie is really good he is already puppy pad trained. Tomorrow he is going with me to our local village Christmas Fair. He has only met a couple of people in our village so that will be quite an experience for him. He will probably sleep through it all.
    Thank you for taking the time to tell me about your beloved pet. Such a lovely story.

  5. teehee. i can't wait to hear about Archies trip to the village Christmas Fair...i think he is going to be very popular since he is already so handsome. God bless, Rosezeeta!

  6. They're so small they make me smile!