Monday, December 29, 2014


First I would like to say welcome to my new followers. I hope you enjoy.

You have probably noticed that I have changed the lay out of my Blog.
My fantastic daughter has been helping me make it a bit more interesting.
Sorry but my buttons are not working at the moment. But they will be soon.
You all know it takes so much time to sort things out. And so frustrating.

Hubby throw the last of the Turkey away today. But we are still eating
lots of rubbish, sweets, cakes, puds etc. As always too much food.
Need to start on the fruit and more veg.

Christmas tree and Decs are still all over the house and garden. Feel
they have not been up for very long. Time has flown past. Dreading as I know
everyone does of taking them all down. But making plans to do a lot
of changes around the house and garden. So watch this space.

Anyway you wanted a look around my house.

When I say house I mean my Dolls House.
Hope you are not disappointed.
I will take you for a tour around my real farmhouse in the new year.

                                             DOLLS HOUSE

                                             New bedroom furniture.

                                      My dolls house only has four rooms.
                                      So the bathroom is also the sewing room.
                                      I might get my hubby to somehow
                                      divide this room.

                                     The kitchen now has 4 dogs. Need just 2 more then
                                     it will be like home.

                                   The lounge even has a Christmas tree in.
                                   This was a present from a friend just for Christmas.
                                   But is a perfect size for my house.

                                   I hope you enjoyed the  tour.

                                   Have any of you a dolls house?
                                   Would love to hear.
                                   Did you decorate it for Christmas.


  1. I had a doll house as a child. It was a tin one, that my sisters and I played with. Thanks for popping by my blog and commenting. Wishing you a wonderful New year.

  2. Mine is still in the shed. It was made by my Dad many years ago and I should maybe bring it put and do it up. Thanks for the tour.